7 Food-Filled Photos from Our Hunters

Touchpoint_082614_4_THUMBIt’s Thanksgiving, a special time of year that means two things: Americans everywhere eat a lot of food, and holiday shopping mutates into a brutal bloodsport. Not much we can do about Black Friday (unless you skip the mall and grab a Watson gift certificate instead), but we adore food—and so do our scavenger hunters, whether they’re on a corporate team-building trip with coworkers or a fun public hunt with friends.

In honor of the most food-centric day of the year, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite food- and drink-filled photos from you, our hunters!


“This isn’t an awkward way to eat chili dogs at all, right?”


“We’ll see you your chili dogs and raise you ALL THE HOT DOGS. And also some ice cream.”


“Oh, you like hot dogs, do ya? Well, we took over the whole dang truck! …wait, why is this in my mouth?”


(OK, now this is just getting ridiculous.)


“You suckers can have your snacks—we went for the good stuff!”


“…or not. Blech! What was in those again?”