5 Pieces of Art Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder

Watson Adventures SAD ThumbSigh. Boston is drowning in snow. Niagara Falls is frozen. Groundhogs can’t agree on how many more weeks of winter to expect. A lot of us are caught deep in winter’s clutches, and we’re really SAD about it.

You can fight Seasonal Affective Disorder in any numbers of ways, including awesome indoor activities like scavenger hunts at museums across the country (hint hint). But sometimes, when your sanity’s up against it, when things are wrong and the snow banks are beating the boys, it can feel like there’s no light at the end of that icy tunnel. At least we’re not alone—these paintings and sculptures seem to be taking this winter as hard as the rest of us.

1. A Maid Asleep, Johannes Vermeer (The Met, NYC)

Watson Adventures A Maid Asleep

2. Marquise de Miramon, Jacques Tissot (Getty Center, L.A.)

Watson Adventures Marquise de Miramon

3. David in the Lions’ Den, Henry Ossawa Tanner (LACMA)

Watson Adventures Daniel in Lions Den

4. Sad News, Edgard Farasyn (Tyne & Wear Museums, Tyne, U.K.)

Watson Adventures Sad News

5. Cleopatra, William Wetmore Story (LACMA)

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