15 Paintings that Want Warmer Weather as Much as We Do

Polar vortex? At this point, let’s just call it winter. For many of you reading this, it’s really, really cold outside. And for those of you in places like L.A., San Francisco, and Atlanta, your Facebook feeds are full of friends in cold places complaining that it’s really, really cold outside.

Now, we have tons of hunts in snuggly-warm museums all over the country—but you still have to go outside to get there. We’d just as soon the days get warmer and longer, and the folks in these paintings really, really agree.

1. Country Doctor (Night Call), Horace Pippin

What’s up, Doc? Oh, you’re more miserable than anyone has ever been, ever? Looks like it!

2. January, Grant Wood

The Shining, fine art style.

3. Moon After Snow at Ryogoku, Utagawa Hiroshige

Watson Adventures LACMA Moon After Snow

Girl, your Burberry shawl isn’t fooling anyone—it’s hecka cold out there.

4. The Passage of the Delaware, Thomas Sully

Watson Adventures MFA Passage of the Delaware

Sure, the man who built America felt neither cold nor fear, but we guarantee you every single other living creature in this painting would prefer a beach in Cabo.

5. Snow Shovellers, Jacob Getlar Smith

Watson Adventures Smithsonian Snow Shovellers

That one guy in the center is just, like, “Snow. Again. I can’t even, you guys.”

6. Mooring Lines, the Effect of Snow at Saint-Cloud, Alfred Sisley

Watson Adventures PMA Mooring Lines

Legit, our fingers froze to the keyboard just looking at this.

7. Mannikin in the Snow, John Singer Sargent

Watson Adventures Met Mannikin in the Snow

No way you’re staying warm in that…I’m sorry, is that a chicken suit? What is happening right now?

8. Washington Square, Everett Shinn

Watson Adventures MFA Washington Square

Five bucks says that guy on the bike wipes out in 3…2…1…

9. Sioux Indians on Snowshoes Lancing Buffalo, George Catlin

Watson Adventures Smithsonian Sioux Lancing Buffalo

“Hey, I’ve got a good one: It is Sioux, Sioux cold, you guys.”

10. Route to Versailles, Louveciennes, Camille Pissarro

Watson Adventures Walters Versailles

“Hey, I’ve got a good one: Versailles-yi-yi, it’s freezing out!”

11. Love of Winter, George Wesley Bellows

Watson Adventures AIC Love of Winter

Love of winter? Liar. If they could they’d hide inside with Netflix and hot chocolate until April.

12. Waterfront Brooklyn, Harry Shokler

Watson Adventures Smithsonian Waterfront Brooklyn

You think your commute’s bad? Try schlepping to the docks in 1934. Through eight feet of snow. Uphill both ways. With no shoes, probably.

13. The Continentals, Frank Blackwell Mayer

Watson Adventures Smithsonian Continentals

“Phil, I think this flute’s stuck to my lips.”
“Steve, I think my foot fell off inside my boot.”

14. Lovers Walking in the Snow, Suzuki Harunobu

Watson Adventures Met Lovers in Snow

Love shall keep us warm.
Yeah, I don’t think so, buddy;
I’m going inside.

15. Hedwig Leaving Bloody Footprints in the Snow; The Self-Flagellation of Hedwig

Watson Adventures Getty Hedwig

Worst. Snow Day. Ever.