11 Famous Artists & Works of Art Who Used Google’s Art Selfies

All of two weeks into 2018, and already the Internet is broken anew, thanks to Google’s Arts & Culture app. The free app allows smartphone users to take a selfie—as if the world needed more of those—and instantly find close matches in the world of art. Always thought you looked as pretty as a painting? Now’s your chance to prove it.

Being the art-obsessed sort that we are, we we were tempted to play around with Arts & Culture (which, by the way, contains a wealth of actually educational information about art and museums). But instead, we asked some of our favorite arts and works of art to send us their selfies. Some of the results are surprising to say the least!

1. Pablo Picasso

As you can see up top, the famed Spanish painted was matched up with…Portrait of a Man with a Pumpkin. Sure, OK. Maybe they both enjoyed a hearty winter soup.

2. Andy Warhol

Now that makes more sense! We’d scoff at that mere 75-percent match, but Right Andy is at least 25 percent scarier than Left Andy, so we get it.

3. Vincent Van Gogh

Only 91 percent, you say? Who knows what goes on in Google’s tubes.

4. Roy Lichtenstein

Yer a wizard, Roy!

5. Salvador Dali

Man, this guy wishes he had Dali’s mustache. Try a little harder, pal, and you too could be a famous surrealist instead of an unknown noboby painted by an unknown nobody.

6. Henri Matisse

Speaking of on-point facial hair: Who wore it better? Honestly, John Russell Bartlett can kinda get it.

7. Claude Monet

Monet and his Turkish doppelgänger, not so much.

8. Frida Kahlo

Oh no, what’s with the surly guys in turbans? Frida deserves better.

9. Frida Kahlo Tries Again

Beethoven?? Google, that is not better!

10. Mona Lisa

A rare glimpse of the Mona Lia at home, in her favorite Netflix-and-raise-the-kids bonnet.

11. Girl with a Pearl Earring

She found her future self, Girl without a Pearl Earring or Colors or Lipstick or Emotions.

Bonus! Is Clark Kent Really…

…a weird ol’ lady (?) who mistook an old-timey optometry eye examiner for her glasses? Shucks, we coulda sworn he was…nah, must’ve be our imagination.

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