MoPOP, SAM & Pike Place: 3 Amazing Scavenger Hunts in Seattle

Ah, Seattle. Home of Starbucks, grunge, and an overwhelming dedication to the number 12. More importantly for fun scavenger hunts and team building events, the Emerald City boasts a rich vein of cultural and culinary gems.

You can now join a totally new scavenger hunt at MoPOP, Seattle’s newest museum; enjoy an exciting update to our Seattle Art Museum hunt, available for the first time in years; and savor a refreshed romp through the restaurants and shops of the famed Pike Place Market. Read on for highlights from each of our favorite spots!

MoPOP: A Pop Culture Explosion

One look at the newly christened Museum of Pop Culture and we knew we had to write a scavenger hunt here. The MoPOP Till You Drop Scavenger Hunt is perfect for corporate team building and private groups that like a little pop culture in their events.

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts SeattleSorry, did we say a little? Formerly the Experience Music Project, MoPOP is bursting with pop culture, from its Frank Gehry-designed exploding guitar exterior to its creepy basement full of horror movie memorabilia. The sci-fi exhibit is built to feel like the interior of an actual spaceship; the fantasy exhibit is an enchanted forest, complete with a giant dragon.

If you like Star Wars, or video games, or The Princess Bride, or Nirvana, or pulp horror films, or Jimi Hendrix, or Doctor Who, or Alien, or The Wizard of Oz—or even just using your imagination—you’ll love this museum. And the MoPOP Till You Drop Scavenger Hunt, of course!

SAM: An Eclectic Mix of Classic and Cutting Edge

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts Seattle

We haven’t ventured into the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) in a while, but now this hunt is back and better than ever. The Art Attack Scavenger Hunt leads groups on a wide-ranging tour of the museum’s impressively expansive collection while they answer fun, funny questions about what they find.

Hunters will explore a whole food chain of modern art; an array of early American works; fancy prisons from Asia; dismembered body parts from ancient civilizations; fiery art from Renaissance Italy; outrageous attire from Africa; and much more. The highlight of any trip to SAM, though, including our scavenger hunt, would have to be the galleries of native art from the Pacific Northwest. Soak up the beauty of classic formline masks and carvings, and then chew (almost literally) on more contemporary works.

PPM: Eating and Shopping, Nuff Said

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts SeattleA perennial favorite, the Market Mania Scavenger Hunt game for private and corporate groups explores the much-loved warren of eateries and shops that is Pike Place Market. We’ll always have a soft, gooey spot in our hearts for Beecher’s Cheese, and you could do worse than lunchtime crab-and-shrimp cakes and the view from the Athenian. (There’s also a fantastic comic book store hidden in there, if that’s your thing.)

But the market, and the Market Mania Scavenger Hunt, are so much more! Searching beyond Rachel the Pig and flying fish, you’ll find clues about a fidgety fortune-teller, black-and-white blasts from the market’s past, buzzworthy beauty products, an aromatic den of perfumes and oils, and a peep show that almost definitely is not what you’re thinking.

Search the Sights in Seattle—and Beyond

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