20 Years of Fun (and Hard Work): Our Scavenger Hunt Crews in Action

The Faces Behind the Fun

You don’t spend 20 years putting on thousands of scavenger hunts for countless hunters without the hard work—and fun-loving spirit—of people around the country. We couldn’t do what we do were it not for the hunt coordinators, hosts, assistants, and more who make each and every hunt possible. Here are just a few of them from the two decades of scavenger hunts.


Actress Jennifer Garner joined host Kim Greenberg in 2017 to flaunt her first-place medal at the Wizard School Scavenger Hunt at the Met Museum. She definitely displays that at home next to her Golden Globe, right?


In 2018, Los Angeles host Joshua Bott and actress Michelle La led an unusual social media hunt to promote La’s movie Searching.


Worlds collided in 2018 as Chicago hunt host Brittany Gillespie and Chicago hunt coordinator Valerie Querns met up with Washington, D.C., coordinators Sharlette and Bobby Williams.


In 2009, hunt host Mitchell Olson, one of the stars of the second season of Survivor, helped a team on the Munch Around Chinatown Scavenger Hunt make weird faces. Those teammates were Carly Blatt, Abbi Duncan, Watson Adventures Hunt Producer Rachel Duncan, and Watson Adventures Chief Development Officer Julie Jacobs.


Author A.J. Jacobs, hosts Andy Redeker and Chad Murray, Julie Jacobs, and host Shannon Haddock recently threw a special scavenger hunt celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Dalton School in New York. A hundred years is good, sure, but our 20 ain’t nothing to sneeze at, y’know.


Our Washington, D.C., crew—Sharlette Williams, Dan Velasquez, Robert Smith, Bobby Williams, and Marquis Mix—assembled for a huge hunt at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center.


Sometimes even hunters help make the magic happen. In 2018, Watson Adventures Founder Bret Watson (in front) invited experienced scavenger hunters to help test a new game in Grand Central Terminal.


In 2013, reigning Miss Teen USA Logan West climbed aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum with Watson Adventures General Manager Stacy King and hunt host Andy Redeker for a scavenger hunt with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


Why hunt at one museum when you can hunt at five? Our Los Angeles crew hosted a five-museum scavenger hunt in 2018 as part of the Museum Mile Festival.


In 2013, hunt hosts Lauren Meley and Greg Roderick guided the many hunters who turned out for a hunt sponsored by the CBS series Sherlock. Greg sports the T-shirt that CBS made for the hunters: it says NO SHIRT SHERLOCK.


Hey, that’s us! Hosts and staff gathered for their annual summer rooftop bash in New York City in 2018.