Kids Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Your City on a Hunt

Find exactly what you need.

You’re not collecting objects (drop that pigeon!), you’re searching for answers to tricky, humorous questions that help you see with new eyes a museum, neighborhood, or other cool place. The special editions for kids feature questions for children and adults to work on together.

Most of the hunts are suitable for age 7 and up. Hunts for private groups can be booked almost any time, anywhere. Since 1999 our games have been a big hit for birthday parties, family reunions, and school field trips. Weekend hunts for the general public are available in six cites.

How Kids Hunts Work

After the Watson Adventures host explains the game and gets everyone in teams, the teams go in search of answers to tricky and humorous questions about the places and things they find, in such amazing places as museums, parks, zoos, and neighborhoods. Although the typical hunt lasts 90 minutes, it is not a race! The hunt is a test of teamwork, not stamina. The emphasis is on fun, not run, so that there’s a level playing field for everyone.

During the hunt, the host and other hunt staffers meet you for special surprise challenges. At the finish line, the host collects the answer sheets, we score the results while hunters look at the answers, and then we announce the winners.

For added fun and to bring out creativity—and souvenirs to take home—you can have us equip each team with a digital camera for Team Photo Challenges.

For an additional fee, we can add customized questions, such as trivia about the “guest of honor” or questions that underscore classroom lessons.

Kids Hunt Questions

Rest assured that our kids’ hunt questions are age appropriate. But we also take care to entertain the parents, too. The questions never require any previous knowledge. For example (and keep in mind, we’ve designed these so that you discover the answer only when you are standing in the right spot)…

• At the Museum of Natural History, what animal does an acrobatic stunt that “stinks”? Answer: A cacomistle, or civet cat, does a handstand before spraying like a skunk.

• At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in a king’s gardens, what does a boy use instead of a net? Answer: In the huge, room-size Gardens of Versailles mural, you have to look carefully to find a boy using his hat to catch a butterfly.

Kids Hunt Raves

• From the leader of a Girl Scout troop who went on a museum hunt: “The scavenger hunt was terrific! The girls had a wonderful time and learned a lot, not only about the objects in the museum but also about how to work effectively and efficiently as a team while having fun! It was a great way to kick off this year’s Girl Scout season. Thank you for your help in organizing the event. We hope to schedule another hunt in the future.”

• From a parent who used our hunt to celebrate her son’s 18th birthday: “It was phenomenal, and the boys loved it! I can’t wait to tell everyone how great you guys are. Thanks.”

• From a teacher who took a high school group on one of our museum hunts: “Our group had a fantastic time on the Harry Potter[–themed] scavenger hunt! The staff was terrific—helpful, upbeat, and engaging. It was a perfect fit for our group of students with chaperones. I knew the kids would get a charge out of it, but I was so surprised at how much the parents enjoyed the hunt, too. I’ll heartily recommend your company and a scavenger hunt to anyone.”

• Another teacher who took her school on a hunt: “I wanted to express my gratitude for your help in setting up this hunt. This was the second hunt I did with your company but the first school hunt I participated in. Words cannot say how much fun we had! The students were engaged and motivated the entire time. They were so excited to get to see Grand Central Terminal, and they all wanted to win! Speaking on behalf of all the teachers that went, we loved the experience! We became more competitive than the kids! We all had a wonderful time and will definitely be using Watson Adventures again. Please thank Chris [the Watson Adventures host] because he really did a nice job as well. He was clear on the directions, and he was very informative and helpful. He answered any questions we had, and we really appreciated it. Thank you again for an amazing experience. Several of the students said this was the best field trip they had even been on!

• From another high school group: “The hunt was perfect—easy day for everyone, and the advisors bonded with their new advisee charges. I have heard nothing but positive feedback. The kids and the adults really enjoyed the hunt. Thank you for everything. We will definitely be back!”

• From a parent who booked a hunt for a Bar Mitzvah: “I will highly recommend you to my friends. All the kids had a ton of fun on the hunt. Your team at the event was terrific.”

• From a teacher who asked us to stage our Met Museum hunt for an elementary school field trip“Your organization does a wonderful job, and we had positive feedback from our students and parents. Many have already planned another trip into the Met Museum to see more and thought the hunt was a great way to get the children interested in the museum. Thanks for making the planning as easy as it could be! We look forward to another Watson adventure in the future.”

Suitable for Ages 7 and Up

Many of our hunts are suitable for ages 7 and up. Some of the more complicated hunts, such as the Wizard School Hunts and the Whodunit Hunts, are appropriate for ages 10 and up.

On hunts for children ages 7 to 14, you must provide at least one adult chaperone per team. Teens ages 15 and up can hunt without adult supervision (although we usually think it’s best to have an adult along).

We do not charge a hunt fee for adult chaperones (one per team of four to six kids), although if you choose a museum hunt, we might need to include admission for the chaperones.

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