The Escape Lambert Castle Game

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Escape Lambert Castle Game

A maniac has run amok in the mansion…

… and it’s up to you to stop him—and get out alive! On teams, you’ll tackle a series of brain-bending puzzles and noodle-melting riddles, all in the hopes of discovering the antidote to the poison that’s slowly killing you. (Oh, did we forget to mention that you’ve been poisoned at the start of this hunt? Sorry!)

Along the way, you’ll discover the secrets of the enigmatic Lambert Castle, boasting unusual architecture and a millionaire’s diverse collection of art and curious artifacts. You’ll need to find objects on display, solve tricky puzzles involving them, and ultimately crack a code to escape with your life and defeat the diabolical genius who is toying with your fate. Is your team up to the task?

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