The Downtown Dash Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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The Downtown Dash Scavenger Hunt for Kids

An adventure that will keep young hunters riveted

Variety is the name of the game on this unique scavenger hunt for participants of all ages. The oldest neighborhood in Manhattan is your playground, as adults and kids work together in teams to answer fun, funny questions and venture from Wall Street down to the harbor.

One minute you’ll be exploring tiny, twisting streets that were laid out in Dutch times, and the next you’ll burst into the open spaces of Battery Park and see the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. After that, you’ll explore the National Museum of the American Indian in a building featured in numerous movies, then eye scorch marks left in a churchyard by fires during the Revolutionary War. Other highlights include Federal Hall, Trinity Church, a giant bull, an 1812 fort, a buried building, the headquarters of Men in Black, and much more.

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