Get Ready to Head Back Outdoors!

Spring is springing, and it’s time to spring back outside. We’re going back outdoors at the end of March for our public hunts, starting in New York City with the Gangsters’ New York Hunt (March 24) and the Munch Around Greenwich Village (March 31). We’ll be adding more outdoor hunts to the hunt schedule as your favorite city warms up. There’ll be a whole lotta munching going on: the Munch Around Cambridge Hunt (April 28), the Munch Around Lincoln Park Hunt in Chicago (May 5), the Munch Around Downtown Hunt in L.A., featuring Chinatown and Olvera Street (April 28), and the Munch Around the Market Hunt in Philly, which includes Chinatown (April 14).

Check your city to find out when you can get in the game on a public hunt—or book a private hunt anywhere, anytime.