How Sweet It Is to Hunt at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Watson Adventures Dylan's Candy Bar Sugar Rush GameIf Willy Wonka designed a team-building game, it would look a lot like the Sugar Rush Game, a fun-filled new adventure at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York and Chicago.

This hunt wraps team-building activities and problem-solving in a delicious, exciting candy coating.

We’ve partnered with the famous sweet spot to create a game featuring a fun series of challenges that stretch your imagination and test your resourcefulness. Our entertaining host will lead you and your team in a rousing contest that takes place in the store’s private event room and includes a scavenger hunt in the aisles of the popular, eye-popping candy store.

In New York, the Sugar Rush Game plays at the Dylan’s Candy Bar flagship at Third Avenue and 60th Street. In Chicago, this team-building game is at 445 N. Michigan Ave., in the Tribune Tower.

The challenges bring out the talents of all of the participants and is a great way to bring people together, get to know each other, have fun—and indulge your sweet tooth.

Highlights include…

  • Tricky trivia that tests teamwork
  • Photo challenges that take the teams for an unusual tour of the candy store
  • An audio round that will amuse your ears
  • A picture round to puzzle your peepers
  • A “scavenger hunt” round that reveals hidden talents
  • A final round of trivia that includes wagering so that every team stays engaged, regardless of the score

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